It’s been one year, one month and five days (six days if you’re not on Samoa Standard time, but more on that later) since I signed up for a my very own blog here at WordPress. It had been so long that when it occurred to me, again apparently, to initiate a blog I couldn’t believe my log in had been swiped by a previous user, myself of course. I mean how many rock and ice PA-Cs are there out there anyway?

So, I guess I’ll start there, in case you were wondering, in case you stumbled onto this dark corner of the web accidentally, in case you aren’t one of the three people whom I told who could find me here; rock and ice refers to climbing, as in climbing vertical rock and ice and that’s where I could start with my strong opinions, but I’ll save those for later, you’ll just have to wait until you know me better until you wished you hadn’t, until it’s too late.

PA-C refers to medicine, or at least the practice of medicine as a physician associate-certified. Let me flush that out for those of you not in the know, physician associates/ assistants or PAs are health care providers who practice medicine under the supervision of at physician. We are trained on a medical model, we diagnose and treat disease, we interpret tests, we prescribe medicines and we practice in every specialty and subspecialty of modern medicine. The “C” is applied once a PA has passed the PANCE, a national certifying exam administered by the NCCPA or National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, to maintain his/ her “C” a PA must accrue 100 hours of CME, or continuing medical education every two years and pass the PANRE, or re-certification exam, every six years.

Okay , let me get off my soapbox. Being an introductory post I should be more gracious, more open and well more interesting I guess, (not to mention a little less insecure, don’t worry I’ll psychoanalyze myself later) so here it goes, give it a minute, it might get interesting. Wait for it.

I currently practice as a remote site PA-C in the middle of the North Pacific, interested?

While not as glamorous as it sounds it is certainly interesting and hopefully I can make it interesting for you as well. Now be forewarned, I haven’t decided what this blog thing is going to be all about, it may be a medical blog, it may be a photo blog, it may be a travelogue, it may just be a clean, well lit place for me to vent, it’ll probably be all of the above. Now keep in mind I haven’t written anything longer then 50 words outside of a medical chart in years and my handy little word counter at the bottom of the screen here tells me I’m already at 501. You can count if you don’t believe me.

I used to write, I used to write a lot, which is probably what happens when a teenage poet/ journal keeper takes off on cross-country climbing road trips. I still have some of those missives, I may actually post some here at a later date for some historical perspective.

I know you are dying to hear tell of: white sand beaches, turquoise waters, monk seals, great pelagic birds, sea turtles and spinner dolphins silhouetted against a fading equatorial sunset but, sorry charlie that’s for later.