rule #18 – limber up

Nine posts, I’m not even counting the last two, all as different from the last as from the first, not by design but by mere happenstance. Playful, serious, informative, autobiographical, factual. Perhaps those who know me a little better and recognize the economy of words are surprised at the absence of a rant, don’t fret it’s coming.

I’ve consciously held back that inevitable feature and with good reason, I might not stop, there is so much to rant about I’m not sure how any of us communicate otherwise. But, I did not choose this exercise to relate a laundry list of complaints and grievances, at least with out the application of some reason and critical thinking.

Honestly, remember a few posts back when I said the holidays had interrupted my burgeoning “routine”? Well, this was part of that routine and while I found the exercise at first stimulating; it provided me food for thought and subsequent prose, however the hiccup seems to have cascaded or reverberated into this place.

The initial collision of my less then proactive lifestyle with the new need to set my own schedule and short-term goals here on the island was enough to provide a few posts. Now the inevitable disruption has resulted in a latency period in which I seem refractory to the stimulus of thought; or at least interpreting that thought into a usable internal dialogue which would be acceptable, or even comprehensible, to anybody not inhabiting my skull. And no, I have not gone mad, thank you. More to come stay tuned.