return to midway

After having seen all of Midway last year I was in no hurry to return, especially for another three months, however I was approached to fill in for one month of coverage and my financial state of affairs being what they are I said yes.

This is what I awoke to on my first morning. I am hoping Midway is not another Bermuda triangle.

Thread in chronological order:

From: rocknicepac
Subject: Found: Pelican Case
Date: February 4, 2012 12:42 PM GMT-11:00

Priority: Normal


I am trying to return lost property to a Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, US Army. If
you are indeed the same person, please describe contents of the lost
Pelican case and an address. Your property will be returned forthwith.



From: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X PFC MIL USA

To: rocknicepac
Subject: Re: Found: Pelican Case (UNCLASSIFIED)

Date: March 29, 2013 8:26:31 AM GMT-11:00

there should be a GA drivers license number XXXXXXX71 along with
military id with PFC rank. there was also a car key.

From: rocknicepac
To: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X PFC MIL USA
Subject: Re: Found: Pelican Case (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date: April 1, 2013 12:59 PM GMT-12:00

Thanks for getting back to me, it’s been a while.

I no longer have the little box nor it’s contents and I believe at this point they have most likely been disposed of, but allow me to amuse you with this little tale.

When I wrote you a year ago February a volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife Service had found your box on the beach while doing marine debris collection. She showed it to me and there being a MIL ID I figured it would be easy enough to locate the intended party, you. In and of itself not terribly interesting I’ll admit.

What is interesting is the beach being cleaned happened to be on Midway Island Atoll in the smack dab middle of the North Pacific where I was for three months last winter. As it so happens when I left Midway a year ago March I had no intention of coming back, ever.

Fast forward a year, the company I work for was in a bind and I wasn’t busy so I am actually back on Midway right now for one month. Now here’s the fun part, your email arrived in my inbox the very morning I awoke here on Midway after having just flown in the previous evening!

I know you must be as impressed by this little coincidence as I am, so in the cause of making it all the more interesting, two questions: 1) Where did you lose your box, I figure you were on R&R either in Hawaii or Japan? 2) What took you so long to respond, were you deployed? I figured you had either left the service, although you might still retain the email address but check it rarely or were article 15 for losing the ID in the first place and had been busy on KP or in the latrine.




From: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X PFC MIL USA

To: rocknicepac
Subject: Re: Found: Pelican Case (UNCLASSIFIED)

Date: April 4, 2013 9:56:49 AM GMT-11:00

lol yes very interesting. i lost the pelican case while scuba diving near north shore beach which isnt far from schofield barracks. i was stationed there for a year. i only got a counseling for the id card lol but believe it or not my chain of command was only joking with me about it. i took the pelican case because i had a soft top jeep wrangler so wanted to keep important stuff on me but the case got disconnected somehow. i did get an honorable discharge about a month after this for single parenthood. i am now in the army national guard then finally got access to my ako when i got your email. thanks for looking me up though just crazy that little box made it so far.